Why I'm Playing Stageit Shows

I want to share something honestly with you about the Stageit shows I've been doing. Not only are they an interactive, fun way to offer my songs in a stripped-down, intimate fashion and to get to know you all better, but they are helping me to stay afloat as an independent artist, and most important, to keep writing new songs. 

Ever since I started this solo project, and have been doing almost everything myself, it has been very challenging to find the time to write. Between touring and running almost every aspect of my business myself (including trips to the post office, answering emails, stuffing envelopes - everything!), I have had precious little time to devote to the actual art of making music. Stageit shows give me a way to press pause on my hectic touring schedule and to fund my career without having to resort to a time-consuming day job. I have nothing against day jobs, but I do know from experience that they further erode my ability to keep writing and performing. 

My hope is that the Stageit shows will become a monthly modern "salon" that is exciting and dynamic and also helps to sustain me continuing to make new music for you!

For those of you who don't know, Stageit is a live online performance that artists broadcast directly to fans, often from our living rooms. You get the intimate experience of hearing your favorite songs acoustically, the way they were written. There's a chat box where you can make requests and talk to other viewers. It's pretty much the coolest thing I've seen in a long while.

So if you haven't bought your ticket yet, give it a shot! You can pay whatever you want. Every ticket sold and every tip you throw into the virtual tip jar helps me directly and powerfully to keep on doing this.

And I'm offering some pretty cool rewards for the top tippers, including a signed copy of the *original* lyrics to Young James Dean from my notebook circa 2003! You can also get a live concert in your house or via Skype! There's lots of other cool stuff too. I hope you have fun with it. 

Thanks for listening, and I hope to see you on June 18, 8:30pm EST!

With gratitude,

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